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About me: [Really Boring]

I'm a (very) crazy nightscape photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I teach at College, I'm a huge and southernmost fan of the Green Bay Packers, I have two kids, I'm 43 years old and I don't have plans to update this paragraph.

My main focus is on Nightscapes and wide-field astrophotography. I like anything related to astronomy. If there's an eclipse, meteor shower, conjunction or other astronomical event near my home I'll be there. I also like weather, storms, atmospheric phenomena and clouds. I have a gallery for astronomical events on this site that I update often.

I'm a positivist photographer I try to avoid sad images or messages from my work. I like to photograph natural scenes without human intervention and translate what I imagine or see in front of the scene to the viewer.

I have a strong tendency to freeze even in the summer, I also have a love-hate relationship with waves and clouds, sometimes we are big friends and sometimes it's a war.

I try to show the beauty of the night sky without making composites or collages. When possible I shoot the scene in a single shot but sometimes I need to take several frames to increase the depth of field, the dynamic range or to make a wide panorama of the scene.

I provide full disclosure about how each photo was made, if you are curious just ask me.


You can order prints directly from this site if you live in the US, Europe or Canada.

If you live in a country without a printing partner or If you need help ordering prints, or obtaining a license for a photo please email me I will be happy to assist you!

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I update photos / galleries very frequently!.
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Hope you like my work and thanks for visiting!

Buenos Aires, Argentina